Three-phase Electronic KWH Meter

DTSD1661 Three-phase Four-wire Electronic KWH Meter(7P)

DTSD1661 Three-phase Four-wire Electronic KWH Meter(7P)

DTSD1661 Three-phase Four-wire Electronic KWH Meter(7P)

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Adopting advanced microelectronics, LSIC, digital processing technology and SMT technics, our newly developed DDS1661DIN rail mounted three phase KWH meter utterly conform to the relative   technic requirement of grade 1 single phase KWH meter of IEC 62053-21. It can precisely calculate the  active energy loss of RP 50Hz or 60Hz three phase AC network. Reliable, small size, light, gorgeous  and easy installation, It is widely-used and convenient collaborating.

1. Start Current
  Transformer Operated:Active1.0 Meter display 0.002Ib
  Direct Connected:Active1.0 Meter display0.004Ib
2. Creeping
  When voltage circuit is 115% rated voltage and current circuit has no current, test output should not be more than one pulse.
3. Loss
  Voltage circuit loss≤1.5W/5VA, Current circuit loss ≤2VA
4. Working Voltage
  Normal working voltage :0.9~1.1Rated Voltage
  Maximum working voltage :0.7~1.2Rated Voltage
5. Working Temperature
 Standared working temperature  -25ºC~+55ºC
 Maximum working temperature  -40ºC~+70ºC    Annual average relative humidity:≤75%
 Fully conform to GB/T 17215.321-2008Grade 1 and 2 static AC active energy meterand GB/T                   17215.323-2008Grade 2 and 3 static AC reactive energy meter

Technical Data:

RS485 interface,Modbus RTU protocol;                          
7 digits LCD display;                            

Voltage circuit power consumption :≤1.0W 5VA;                                                      

Measurment:Positive active power,A Phase  voltage, B phase voltage, C phase voltage, A phase current, B phase current, C phase current,total active power,A-phase active power, B-phase active power, C-phase active power,total reactive power,total power factor,A-phase power factor, B-phase power factor, C-phase power factor 1.5(6)A, 3(6)A,10(40)A,15(60)A,20(80)A, 30(100)A

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